Officers! We have confirmed that several naughty crocodiles are crawling around the Solana blockchain. Intel has it that they are masters of camouflage and can blend in with anything. The environment, other animals, humans ... it is suspected that they even impersonate different cultures. Don't get too close, they bite worse than people. Your mission is to catch them all and assign owners bold enough to tame them.

Camo Crocs minting is closed and they can be bought from secondary market. There are two separate collections - Camo Crocs and Camo Crocs: Signature Edition. The former has 150 algorithmically generated unique NFTs, and the latter has 7 hand-drawn NFTs.

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This started as a fun educational project to learn the pieces of the NFT puzzle and quickly morphed into unique digital collectibles ready to mint. At first, this was going to be a set of cutesy looking crocodiles that can camouflage into different environments, blend into society by taking on the traits from different cultures. Then our awesome artist hundredboys joined the team. When we looked at his concept art, we realized it would be a sin to not bring this to life and let our NFT community share the experience. So our cutesy crocs turned into gritty, badass crocs with extreme visual details, while keeping their camouflaging abilities intact. We're thrilled to share the making of awesome with you.
Feast your eyes on the making of this great art!
What happened to those cartoony crocs though? They are being prepared as a separate collection for a FREE mint! See the previous section for info.
Founder & Developer - ArtOfWar Artist - Jo "Hundredboys" Marketing - Octopus Man Marketing
Presale - Done
Public Mint - Done
Giveaways (NFTs, unique artworks, cash prizes) - Done
Merch Store - Done
Future Project - Doodle Crocs (minting in Jan)